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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do PulseBEAT lessons?

Our lessons are suitable for ages 4 and up, we pride ourselves on differentiating lessons for a wide variety of ages and abilities

Does my child need to bring their own

No. Whilst your child is welcome to bring their own guitar or bass or drumsticks to a 1-to-1 lesson, we are able to provide instruments for those lessons.

For any of our other lessons, we request that your child does not bring their own instrument, in order to avoid complications with setup for those lessons.

How many lessons will my child get?

We guarantee that across an academic year, your child will receive at least 36 lessons (pro rata)

What if my child does not get 36 lessons in a year

If, at the end of a school year, a child has not received a minimum of 36 lessons, either because they signed up later in the half term, or due to reasons that are a fault of Pulsebeat, we will refund for each lesson less than the guaranteed 36.


If a lesson is missed without notice, for any reason not the fault of Pulsebeat, then that lesson will still count towards the 36 lesson guarantee. However, if we are notified with a minimum 48 hours notice, we will consider not counting a missed lesson towards our guarantee. This will be done on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of Pulsebeat.

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