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Hi, I'm Sam- the founder of Pulsebeat.

I've been teaching music for over a decade and in that time, I've taught hundreds of students from ages 4 all the way to 74.


In that time, something I've seen all to often is music tuition providers hiking prices, losing touch, and offering only the "appearance of value." I've seen providers refuse to teach children to read music because they couldn't see a way to make it accessible enough, and conversely I've seen providers get so focussed on reading music, that they forget that music is supposed to be engaging and fun.

That's why I started Pulsebeat; to get back to what matters- getting people of all ages making and enjoying music, whilst giving them the tools to continue to

do so for a lifetime. I aim to provide lessons that inspire and entertain,

whilst building a strong foundation of musicianship, and fostering

confidence and a love of music.

If that sounds good to you, keep reading to learn more about what we


What We Offer

We work with schools to offer a variety of musical opportunities to kids, we currently offer the following:

Drum Group Lessons

Drum workshop lessons for groups of up to 15 at a time.

  • Get started with drum techniques and rudiments

  • Learn to read rhythm notation

  • Have fun as a team putting together exciting performances


Drum Sticks

Band Lessons

Group lessons in a band format, for groups of up to 6 at a time.

  • Learn to read written music

  • Work as a team with friends to learn your favourite songs

  • Build confidence by delivering roof-raising performances


Playing Green Bass_edited.jpg

1-to-1 Instrument Lessons

Traditional peripatetic music lessons in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard or Vocals

  • 30-minute solo lessons

  • Option to work towards grade exams

  • Every lesson tailored to the individual


Electric Guitar and Corduroy Pants

Reading this from a school?

If you like the look of anything you see here, you can use the link below to book a free music assembly for your school, with no commitment required.

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